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Burien garage door motor repair

Welcome to Burien garage door motor repair firm for all your needs in repairs, installations and maintenance of motors. We offer the best, reliable and high quality motors, motor parts and accessories to all our distinguished customers at premium rates all the time including at night, during weekends and holidays.

Is your garage door making funny noises when starting or when it is working to open or close your garage door? Has your motor jammed to start? Do you want to repair motor or install a new motor; Burien garage door motor repair technicians are available and ready to serve you. We are rated the number one in the region to provide first class motor repairs, installations and maintenance.

Whether your motor is old or new model, Burien garage door motor repair all types of motors including but not limited to Chamberlain, Genie, Lift Master and Craftsman door motors. We have worked with all brands of motors and we have the right tools, technicians and experience in handling simple to complex motor repairs and installations. You are not dealing with amateurs but experts in handling installations, and motor installations and repairs.

Although different motors have different specifications on installations and maintenance, Burien garage door motor repair services and products have been personalised to suit the needs, satisfaction and budget of our clients. We understand motor repairs are urgent and with financial crisis facing many people, we are here to serve you all the time despite your location, budget and we must adhere to quality. We are serving the nation we live in.

Our staffs are well qualified to sale of a variety of motors; fix any motor, program remotes, fix sensors, tracks and panels. We have ability to fix motors and install keypads and offer accessories. Invest in us and you will be served like a king.

Summary of Burien garage door motor repair services

  • A variety of motors i.e. Chamberlain, Genie, Lift Master and Craftsman
  • Repairing and replacement of motors
  • Warranty of use of all products and services
  • Fixing sensors, tracks and panels
  • Programming of new remotes
  • All brands and types of motors
  • Installing and repairs of keypads
  • 24 hours access to motor repair services
  • Adjustment of door motors
  • Quality, durable and efficient motors
  • Motor parts and accessories

Whether your garage door has broken or knocked; whether you need a new motor or to repair motor, Burien garage door motor repair department is available 24/7 including at night, holidays and weekends to serve you. Our response to your call is 15 minutes to serve you with dignity, professionalism and timeliness.